Robert Morris grabs another guard

Robert Morris landed 6-foot-3 shooting guard Dachon Burke (Coastal Academy, NJ) to their 2016 recruiting class.

Here’s a link to his highlight tape.

Here’s one thing I really like Burke: the school he’s coming from. Robert Morris has desperately needed to get back to the principles this program was built on: toughness and competitiveness. Here’s the mission statement from Costal Academy’s website:

“Our program is based on the principles of appropriate behavior, fair play, good sportsmanship, excellence and competition.”

Yes please.

Outside of that, there’s not a whole lot more to find about the kid. Hopefully, the academy school brings him in a little more mature and his frame will help ease the transition. In his highlight video, he seems to have pretty good length and is shown handling the ball a few times. You can never have too many ball handlers.

Burke joins Clive Allen (G), David Cole (G), Lorenzen Wright Jr. (G), Roberto Mantovani (F) and Braden Burke (C) in this year’s recruiting class.

–Chris Cappella



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