Rodney Pryor drawing interest from big names

So, it turns out, Robert Morris guard Rodney Pryor isn’t planning on going pro and is planning to play another year of college basketball.

The 24-year-old shooting guard has heard from the likes of Florida, Minnesota, Georgetown, Oregon, Gonzaga, Mississippi and others, according a tweet from Evan Daniels of

Pryor will have to finish summer classes and apply for a sixth year of eligibility with the NCAA before transferring. He will not have to sit out a year.

“We knew Rodney wasn’t coming back,” head coach Andy Toole told the Trib’s Paul Schofield.

Cappella: This has been a… weird… process so far. It really all started last year, when Pryor was tweeting at scouts to review his potential NBA draft chances. Of course, he came back to Robert Morris.

In February, RMU’s Chris Mueller reported Pryor was planning on pursuing a professional career after the season. Now, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There are two factors that really add onto the strangeness:

1. If Pryor seriously believes he has a chance to play in the NBA, he should take advantage of the system at hand. New NCAA rules allow for players to declare for the NBA draft and can keep their name in consideration until May 25.

(John Calipari took this to the extreme)


Previously, college players usually had until mid-April to make a decision. So, a player could declare for the draft but they didn’t have a real feel for their stock. Giving the players more time will hopefully lead to more informed decisions.

2. Pryor is 24 years old. He is about to enter the prime of his playing career and physical conditioning. Why waste the opportunity to go pro and make money rather than play college hoops? Obviously, I wouldn’t even pretend to know his situation, but that alone is still odd, at least to me.

Hope it all works out well for Rodney. he was a great player for Robert Morris.



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  1. The man is 24 ! Move on !


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