Aaron Tate might be done, but my players strike is just beginning

Robert Morris forward Aaron Tate tweeted he may not be playing this season.
Tate really puts the “power” in “power forward”. His stats aren’t going to jump off the page (3.8 ppg, 4.4 rpg, 50% from the field, ) but he was the heart and sole of last year’s team. This is what Andy Toole had to say about Tate after his buzzer beater against CCSU last season:

“I was very happy that it was Aaron Tate who tipped it in. I would be happy if it was anybody but Aaron does the right thing everyday, every opportunity that he has, every decision that he makes is the right one and I said to the guys after the game maybe that’s why the ball bounced three times and was able to fall in for us because he’s got some good collateral with the basketball gods,” he said.

From what I can gather, Tate has been having issues with his knees, shins and ankles, and surgery could be in his future. Andre Frederick, Billy Giles and Joe Hugley all figure to be in the mix to anchor the 2-3 defense.
I’m not even going to try and guess what comes next. Maybe he redshirts, maybe he quits, maybe all of this means nothing and he suits up game one.
Consider this the beginning of my “players speculation” strike. If a guy quits, transfers, voices his displeasure on social media or whatever else could possibly happen anymore, I just don’t care anymore. I will not be writing anymore “player x has left the team” articles.
This is Division I basketball. Generally speaking, I’m sorry if things get hard and you want to quit the team. Good! I don’t want to watch guys who don’t want to be there anyway. Leave the team, and don’t come back.
I’m done. I’m writing about basketball from here on out.
–Chris Cappella

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