Ben Millaud-Meunier goes off the deep end, gets roasted by RMU twitter

Things got weird Monday night.
First, some much needed back story. Ben Millaud-Meunier is a shooting guard for St. Francis PA. Personally, we are big fans of St. Francis PA here at CTC because they’re fun on twitter and bomb so many ridiculous three’s you would think they’re your local YMCA team.
Ben Millaud Meunier is the captain of this stereotype.
This story goes back a few years. In the 2013-2014 season, a young SFU squad came into the Chuck and lost a WILD game. RMU came out bombing, then St. Francis comes back and hits three’s everywhere to take an 11 point lead with just over four minutes left. RMU came back with a crazy run of their own to win the game, but a mini-rivalry was born on and off the court. Before that game, I went up to Millaud-Meunier to talk to smack. He fired right back and we even ended up chatting for a few minutes before the game. This is now a tradition when the Red Flash come into town. Millaud-Meunier is a good guy who loves NEC basketball and REALLY wishes he was good enough to play at Robert Morris.
It got to the point that last year, he told me before the game he was going to stare me down on press row after every made shot. He got into the game midway through the first half, hit his first shot, and… yup. I got the stare down. We’re like the Spike Lee-Reggie Miller of the NEC, except I’m a great trash talker and Millaud-Meunier makes Ron Artest look like the greatest three point shooter in the history of the game.
Things didn’t go so well for him after that. Millaud-Meunier’s final stat line: 15 minutes, 1-3 from the field, three points, two turnovers. It goes without saying that I didn’t get many stare downs after that first made shot.
So Monday started off innocent enough with this tweet:
Yes, I am excited and ready for RMU’s schedule to be finalized. It probably won’t be much longer. Basketball is right around the corner, and man does it feel good.
Things kind of went crazy when Millaud-Meunier responded to the tweet with some good natured trash talking.
Before moving forward, it’s worth noting a few different things.
1) St. Francis beat Robert Morris for the first time in like 200 years last January and celebrated like they won the NBA championship. In January. Don’t think for a second the entire Robert Morris program forgot about that.
2) All things considered, SFU underachieved last year. They had one of the league’s best players (Earl Brown) and a slew of three point shooters. They returned about 90 percent of their minutes and looked poised to be serious contenders for an NEC title. Things just never clicked for them. Their biggest problem? None of their “good” three point shooters actually turned out to be good three point shooters. They shot 33.4 percent as a team.
3) Millaud-Meunier kind of stalled out as a shooter. As a freshman, he shot nearly 50 percent from three on 84 attempts. Very respectable. The past two seasons, he’s shot 34.6 percent from three. Not as great. He averaged 5.5 points-per-game this past season.
The onslaught started when some the RMU faithful caught on to the beef.

 Legendary manager Paul Swank for the win….

Beau was angry…

Lee with the history lesson…

 Pretty much…

Don’t ever compare yourself to Karvel Anderson. Please shower to clear that filth off of you.


 I’ll give the kid credit. He’s persistent. He loves the smack talk. But he took a MAJOR L. I thought what Drake was doing to Meek Mill was bad, but this was worse. Way worse. Poor kid.
“Bench players talking like starters, I hate it.” -Drake.
 Well done RMU. See you in February, Ben.
–Chris Cappella

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