Around the NEC

As the offseason moves along, a few news items have dropped the past few weeks that have some type of effect of the Colonials and/or the NEC. Some news and notes…

The Colonials schedule is starting to come together. The first “buy” game was announced last week, per Jon Rothstein the Colonials will travel to Athens GA to take on the Georgia Bulldogs of the SEC. Other games appear to be as followed.

// 12/29 at Georgia
TBD Oakland
TBD Bucknell
TBD at Duquesne
TBD at Columbia
TBD at Air Force (tournament)
TBD at New Mexico State (tournament)
TBD at Tennessee Tech (tournament)
TBD vs Mississippi Valley State (tournament at Tennessee Tech)
(per Colonials Corner message board)

Right now there are only two home games on the schedule (Oakland, Bucknell) and a lot of travel involved. Expect a few more home games to be added as well as a buy game or two. I would expect about four more total games added.

Pryor and the Colonials will once again
play a very tough non-conference schedule. (pc: PSR)

Some thoughts on the schedule so far: Really like the mix and balance. Bucknell and New Mexico State are two really good mid-majors who have had comparable success to the Colonials the past few years. Air Force and Duquesne present winnable games against teams in conference’s that are the next level up from the NEC. Georgia is a very solid team from the SEC, but one RMU should have a fighting chance to defeat, much like Clemson, Alabama, and Arkansas the past few years.

NJIT and the NEC rumors will be no more. The Highlanders, an independent school in New Jersey that had a great year last season, defeating Michigan on the way, found a home in the Atlantic Sun (replacing Northern Kentucky who moved on to the Horizon). I will admit I’m a little surprised the NEC didn’t look to take a hot up-and-coming school with only 10 teams in the league after losing two a few years ago, but not overly surprised. 10 is a good number and if you add NJIT, you need to find a 12th school with limited options out there.

We will have more on NEC transfers soon, but man was the league crushed by departures once again. At RMU, Marcquise Reed left for Clemson, MSM lost two players that were expected to play good minutes this year (Chris Martin, Andrew Smeathers), FDU lost one of their best players in Matt McDonald to Penn, and CCSU lost maybe the best point guard in the league when Matt Mobley left for St. Bonaventure. Ouch.

One other big change…new rules! The NCAA voted to move the shot clock from 35 seconds to 30. More possessions, more points. The restricted-area arc moving from three feet to four feet away from the basket, as the NCAA looks to cut down on contact at the basketball and reduce the block/charge rule. Coaches will now only have four timeouts instead of five (great change). There are already four media timeouts built into a half. Coaches do not need five TO’s. Great change. Flagrant fouls for those who flop (Awesome!). This is reviewable. They have also eliminated the five second closely guarded rule.

Here is a complete list of rule changes: NCAA rule changes

One last note..



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